Why Shop With Stoned Hilda?

Why Shop With Stoned Hilda?

The short answer to this is "no".
But first, let's talk for a moment about how ecommerce has taken the lead as the preferred way to shop. With aproximately 9.2 million Australian households and over 80% of us now shopping online, it stands to reason why; Let's think about that for a moment 🤔 .. battling the traffic, high petrol prices and parking fees are enough to send you crazy right!? Even before you start your shopping.

I know sometimes you just have to get to the shops but if you really dont have to, then why waste your time-poor day 🤷‍♀️⏰.

So, why would you choose to shop with Stoned Hilda above the rest?
Let's see ...


Let's get real about this for a sec, there are loads of us proudly advertising "high quality". Everywhere you look, here we all are, standing by our "high quality products" and to be fair, why on earth would you go into business and hope to succeed and sell products that are not of a high standard 🤷‍♀️ Aaaand for the most part, wouldn't you expect a certain standard of quality when you are spending a considerable amount of $$.
Yes. You. Would.
"High quality" should be and for the most part is what you should expect.


It's your right, as a consumer to be protected.
All retailers have to abide by The Australian Consumer Law.
Therefore, we offer our valued customers an easy 30 day return policy.
Even for Change Of Mind. Our site has been designed with a simple to use, customer Returns Portal, where you simply pop your order number
in and away you go.
You don't even have to email us if you choose not to 💌 saving you time ⏰.


 At Stoned Hilda, the price is the price inclusive of GST, standard shipping and packaging. Want Express or Insurance? Or both? These options are easy to choose through checkout.


We've almost got it all. Look at us go! 🥇
Afterpay, Zippay, Klarna and Paypal (pay-in-4)
Damn, they make it so easy to spend money. The freedom to buy that beautiful jewel that seems to be calling your name is just so easy right!? 🤭
Damn it! You deserve it too 🤗 and we want you have what makes you happy.
Visa, Mastercard, Shop Pay also available.
Layby can even be arranged by emailing us directly.


This, is gold 🏆.
At Stoned Hilda we're here for you. Let's face it, it's bloody hard shopping online sometimes, especially when you can't touch or feel the product right!?
This is how we can best help YOU 🩷 Our Live Chat "Chat Support" bubble is only a quick click away. We have two team members available between 8am - 8pm everyday. Yep, e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y 😮 to help our customer when needed.
Is the colour the same as in the picture?
What does the product look like on?
Can I see the product in natural light?
Can you send me a quick video of the product? 

Absolutely we can!
And the best thing is, this service is LIVE. Most times, your request will be answered within minutes ⏰. Because we understand how precious your time is.

So many of you have been taking advantage of this service, which is why we have two Stoned Hilda customer care members happy to take your questions.
And for those a little shy, 🫣 you can simply click on our "Chat Support" and take yourself to our FAQ help page. Or email us via our Contact Us page.


Ahhhh, the age old question.
There is most definately always a price to everything but at Stoned Hilda, we've tried to soften this a little for our customers.
We now offer a 360° Exchange Program

Spend over $250 get a FREE exchange (even for change of mind)
Spend under $250 opt-in $2 for an exchange (even for change of mind)

Stoned Hilda do offer part shipping coverage for change of mind and incorrect sizing as a general policy but we've now taken it to the next level 😎.
Read all about this game changer right here.


Look, let's be real, there are loads of amazing companies our there selling stunning products. Products of high quality and perfection .. we've gotta give credit where its due 🤷‍♀️ so, where does that leave Stoned Hilda? Where are we in comparisson and how do our products differ? 🤔
A lot of time here at Stoned Hilda is spent sourcing products. We have listened and watched the buying pattern of our customers over time and have developed (what we believe) is what our customers want .. and that, my friends is "unique".
We do indeed get messages asking when certain pieces will be back in stock and for the most part re-stocking is rare. Yes, on occasion we will do a small re-stock but they are few and far between.
The reason for us not mass producing our products is quite simple.
We are Stoned Hilda. Gemstone Jewellery Australia.
Gemstones are precious gifts from Mother Nature.
Gemstones are the natural artistic work of time. Each ripple, inclusion, colour difference and shape are unique. Each piece is unique, holding captive stories of how beautiful and magical nature and life can be. 
Much like you and your journey through life thus far 🩷
Feel confident choosing a piece that most resinates with you, knowing
you have a unique jewel, just like you.

It's a movement that's taking over! And so it should!
Our packaging is now recycled and recyclable. No, not as pretty as it's predecessor the holographic satchels but we want to make a difference and we think its a small sacrifice to make ♻️. Its super easy for our customer to make a difference too! You can just pop those satchels in your recycle bins.
Easy peasy 🗑️.
If that's small fries for some, we have teamed up with One Tree Planted where on each product page our customers have the option to donate $2 to plant a tree.


If you've read this far, you most likely have a pretty good idea 😊.
And hey, It's all in the writing right?👆

Thanks for taking a moment out of your day, to read our blog x