We're Planet Lovers

We're Planet Lovers

It’s a new era and a new generation. A strong generation raised by parents who found their way in life without the technology we have today. A past generation of loud voices and strong opinions have evolved into a strong voice and educated opinions. As such, the movement of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has taken the lead in helping to build a better future for generations to come.

It’s really important to us, at Stoned Hilda to try our best to reduce our environmental footprint 👣 as much as possible as a business. After all, this big, beautiful, blue planet we all live on is the only one we have right! 🌏

That’s why Stoned Hilda have recently teamed up with One Tree Planted where each tree planted aligns with sustainable goals. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation, focused on global reforestation. The vision of One Tree Planted is to make it simple for anyone, to help the environment by planting trees. Together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity and make a positive social impact around the world

Our journey began with choosing a few selected Stoned Hilda customers at random and email them 📧 You were all very helpful in taking a short survey. We wanted to hear you, we wanted to listen and noted all comments and took all into consideration. After all, this isn’t only about us, it’s about all of us right 🥰

We went through the surveys, then we invited our small team to take part in the same survey. We then sat down and created our vision. The vision of Stoned Hilda moving forward and how we can take our part in this movement
of Planet Lovers 🌏

The task of researching many worthy Charities was long 😩 after all, there are sooo many wonderful Charities needing help. Although in our case, It had to be a Charity Organization that aligned with the goals we at Stoned Hilda and our customers would like to work towards.

We also began researching packaging companies. This was not an easy task. Our packaging could not be just any recycled packaging. We needed to use packaging that has been recycled and also recyclable (can be recycled again). Our cards would need to be changed and reduction of our ink printing colours. We are also currently transitioning to recyclable labels and stickers, which will be rolled out hopefully in the coming months.

And here we are … teamed up with One Tree Planted 🌱

Stoned Hilda donates monthly to this fabulous cause and we now proudly display a tick box on each Product Page, where our customers can opt in to donate $2 to plant a tree. Of course, this is purely optional x

Its working progress and we still have a way to go but Stoned Hilda are passionate about this cause and hopeful our customers can become a small part of this and become planet lovers too 🫶