Topaz - November Birthstone

Topaz - November Birthstone

Topaz, an absolute beauty of a gem has been widely said to be a soothing, healing and re-motivating stone. It is the gemstone of fortune and love 🩵 Calming like slow waves of the ocean.

Topaz was first found in beautiful Germany and have often been mistaken for diamonds (who'd know right 💁‍♀️) They are now found throughout the world.
This stunning gemstone comes in a variety of colours ... not just blue. 
So, what is the true color of topaz?

Natural Topaz is colorless. Although, trace element impurities can make it pale blue or golden brown to yellow orange. Topaz can often be treated with heat or radiation to make it a deep blue, reddish-orange, pale green, pink, or purple.

Interesting right? Even more intersting is that a real Topaz will scratch glass whilst Quartz will not leave a mark. We don't recommend trying this though 😊. Also, Topaz are cool to the touch.


And ...... its you November babies who can take ownership of this beautiful gem.