Stoned Hilda Featured In Camilla Clothing

Stoned Hilda Featured In Camilla Clothing

You know, I think I need to be completely honest here 🤨.
No-one can best represent the Stoned Hilda brand quite like us!
Stay with me on this, I'll explain ...

Firstly, let's talk for a minute about influencers.

It is absolutely a misconception (in my opinion) that their lives are simply getting their faces in front of a camera for their 15 minutes of fame 📸. 
We have to give it to them right! They are exceptional at what they do 🤩. They're creative, artistic and hard working 💯. Some with degrees in marketing, photography styling and digital media as their backgrounds. Their minds working overtime coming up with unique ways to be creative with their images/reels/stories. They spend loads of time researching the brands they choose to represent and loads of time working on the best way to represent these brands, taking marketing to the next level. Always evolving and learning. Its a BIG job and most successful social media influencers do it to perfection 👌. 

So, let's get back to my comment above 👆
"no-one can best represent the Stoned Hilda brand quite like us"
It's a decision we made very early on; looking back we made this decission within the first 6 months of starting Stoned Hilda deciding not to go the influencer path. Whilst this works enormously well for many, we just felt this was not something for us. I guess some may say our theory on this is "silly" or "not keeping up with the times" but we have always been known to dance to our own beat and do things our way.

You see, even though much credit goes out to influencers;
Stoned Hilda have chosen a slightly different path ... we have chosen to market our brand within a very, very tight circle. This "brand circle" (as we call it) must reflect YOU! The style of customer that is potentially attracted to our partictular Bohemian Style Gemstone Jewellery. The style of customer we try to manifest through our Stoned Hilda branding.

So who are you?

Hmmmm good question. Well, you are naturally stylish. You love Classic Style Jewellery although not afraid to wear something a little different. You like to make a statement when and where necessary. You can also rock the look of wearing Understated Jewellery and be equally complimented in the same way you wear your Statement Gemstone Jewellery pieces. You, our lovelies are a ..

You are all these things to us and much more 🩷.
YOU, our beautiful customers, are our brand.

A little known secret is that Stoned Hilda have, over the years been approached by several companies wanting to feature our Gemstone Jewellery alongside their brand in their own advertising campaigns. We don't mean influencers, we mean other businesses. We were also approached by Ishka not long after we started some years ago and agreed to sell some of our products on their site for a short period of time. Some of you may remember this ✨.

At Stoned Hilda we are not easily convinced and it takes a lot to win us over 🏆 and we mean A LOT!  We are extremely partictular and really do strive to have our brand represented alongside brands that share the same integrity, style, qualities and ethos we want to be know for.

That's why, when Camilla Clothing Australia asked us to acompany them to The Netherlands for their Wonderkind Tour ......
well, not really us in person, 😊 our jewellery only. It just sounds sooo much more exciting saying "us" 😂 .. we said,

We could not think of a better brand to be featured alongside.

I remember the very first time I heard of Camilla Franks. It was 2010 and I was watching Oprah Winfrey's 'Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure' tour. Some of you might remember. Oprah had brought a whole audience to Australia on a massive marketing event. They were in Sydney at the time. Oprah was wearing a stunning, crystal-embellished Camilla Angel Cape. The colours were vivid green, bright yellow, purple and vavacious pink and the kaftan sparkled like millions of tiny stars in the night sky 💫 and I was instantly in LOVE with that kaftan ❤️‍🔥.

I have followed the evolution of Camilla Franks as a designer somewhat over the years. In between being a mother, running a business, then another business after that and you know .. busy life stuff. And with social media still a baby back then, most were still advertising in magazines, newspapers, television and radio.

We didn't have the luxury of opening a Facebook or Instagram page to view new fashion each day. We had to wait until we saw commercials or could buy weekly magazines.Or, go shopping on weekends.

It wasn't until only a couple of years ago I bought my very first Camilla piece.

And it certainly did. Not. disappoint.

You see, Camilla Clothing is not just a strong unique brand. Camilla Franks herself is the brand and damn!! does she represent her brand well! I mean yes, each piece of her clothing and accessories are beautiful, unqiue and certainly an investment but the essence of Camilla and what she represents as a designer and creator makes for a brand like no other 🩷. This has a follow-on effect as the customers she attracts then become part of her brand also.
Its a beautiful cycle ♾️.

When Camilla chose Oprah to wear a stunning kaftan of hers that day. Oprah lovers here in Australia fell IN LOVE with the kaftan and many rushed out to purchase. Or, some like me, waited for a time when they too could purchase an iconic, unique piece of clothing designed and created by a strong brand. A brand that was very hard to forget.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is, our branding is super important to us. How we choose to advertise and who we choose to share our branding with because, at the end of the day, we want YOU, our customers to feel proud to wear our Gemstone Jewellery. To be proud to say ... "I bought this from Stoned Hilda".

In conclusion .. to the longest Blog I've written yet, that took me 4 days to write, because I can't sit still for long 😆 ..
We want to say thank you to The Camilla Clothing team for the opportunity to be featured alongside one of the most iconic, creative and well esteemed Australian brands of our time. We are proud to have been a small part of your journey x

And thank you to our blog readers for taking a moment out of your busy
day to read our blog. It means a lot x

Photo: @simonlekias Stylist: @charlotte__stokes Makeup:
@brookelowmakeup Hair: @alanwhitehair