Scorpio - Let's About You!

Scorpio - Let's About You!

Ahhhh Scorpio, you are definately one of the most sassy signs 💁‍♀️.
Loyal and devoted beyond anything. Passionate ... ohhhhh passionate, you are intensly passionate almost to the point of obsession right 😉. Your intensive personality can be one of your best qualities and sometimes, not so much. You feel deeply and are very emotional at times. Scorpios, you are secretive and quite often misunderstood and deeply, deeply mysterious which makes you super interesting to many who crave your energy.
You never quite know what Scorpios are up to.

Scorpios, you are known also for your ruthlessness. You are single-minded in your pursuit of your objectives and you don't see or establish limitations in your life. You just WON'T let anybody tell you that you can't have what you desire.

On the other hand our beautiful Scoprios can be manipulative and tend to twist facts to suit their own purpose. You also tend to get a little jealous and possessive.

Due to your intensely intuitive nature Scorpios, you would make excellent therapists, astrologers or tarot readers.

Scorpios are unfailingly honest. They always tell the truth,
 regardless of the circumstances and hate dishonesty in others.

Well, that's you Scorpios in a nutshell. Hope you like our quick read on this beautiful star sign x

Blue Topaz is said to benefit our lovely Scorpios. With Blue Topaz's soothing qualities and Scorpios feistiness, Blue Topaz is a great choice.