Sagittarius - Let's Talk About You!

Sagittarius - Let's Talk About You!

I really don't know how you do it Sagittarius people .. you always seem to land on your feet and have a natural ability to attract luck! Lucky, lucky you 🤞

You are amazingly outspoken and super optimistic and most people love to be around you. You are assertive, smart, loyal and compassionate people which almost seem to make you look like the perfect sign right! Unique is also said to describe this beautiful star sign.

After some intense digging, we did manage to find just a few .. hmmmm let's say challenging traits of our Sagittarius babies.

You can be a little judgemental 🤔 and come across on occasion as blunt. You are ruled by the fire sign and can tend to be someones bestest friend or much feared enemy and your temper, oh your temper .. you have a temper that is not to be reckoned with Sagittarius people!

You're best to be in professions Sagittarius such as; Doctors, therapists, teachers or even politicians but due to your creativity a job in design would most likely bring out your best qualities.

All-in-all Sagittarius you are an AMAZING sign! You are well rounded, adventurous and fun loving. People just love to hang out with you guys 🩶

Turquoise are your Birthstone Sagittarius! 
Unique, strong and beautiful, just like you 🩶