Libra - Let's Talk About You!

Libra - Let's Talk About You!

What beautiful, kind people you are! Always on the search for harmony and justice, which brings out your true strengths. Another true fact of a Libra, is that they always forgive although never forget, hence not making the same mistake twice.

You are peaceful and loving, gentle and will try your best to avoid conflict 💗 You are incredibly emotionally intellegant, romatic and observant.

Libra's excel in positions like; Lawers, Detectives, Councelors or Event Planners. You are very good at communication and have active imaginations and can think fast!

So, now we know a few of your good points, lets delve into some challenges Libras may face .. Hmmmm, you may get a little controlling at times Libras 😏 You are also at times known to be overthinkers and indecisive. Libras can often play Devil's Advocate when arguing just for the fun of it, because they are well attuned to the dichotomy of right vs wrong. That's because your SMART Libras! Oh and when challenged Libras, you can become a little vindictive 😠 ouch!!

So, all in all Libras you are absolutely one of the most facinating and intellegant individuals on the planet 🌏 Your charm, beauty and well-balanced personalities seem to draw people in and you are a delight to be around.

Opals are your Birthstone Libra! A beautiful, strong gem ... just like you 💗