Capricorn - Let's Talk About You!

Capricorn - Let's Talk About You!

Well Capricorns, you just seem to have it all 🤷‍♀️. I think we all need Capricorns in our lives. What a line up of impressive traits you have you beautiul sign.

Ambitious is the first remarkable traite you possess. Hardworking, strong and determined. You are relentless in your efforts and will stay the course in your pursuit for your goals. You are absolutely one of the most wonderful partners due to your loyality and for the most part once you have established a friendship your loyality and commitment is for life. 

You are a proud sign and completely focused and also an overachiever. You make your success look effortless and are not afraid to stand proud.

Damn Capricorn you are stubborn! And what a bossy-boots you can be 😂. You can tend to be serious on occassion along with critical and unforgiving. Some may even see you as emotionally cold at times. You also have a tendancy to get depressed sometimes.

But that's enough about the more challenging traits you possess Capricorn, lets chat about what professions would suit this amazing sign. Law, definately Law.  Finance and Banking you would kick-ass at. Accounting and really anything CEO related ...
Hey! Maybe you can use your bossy skills here (lol) 😆.
You have a natural ability to manage people, resources and finances Capricorn so really, any of these career choices you would exel in 💙.

Well Capricorns, that just about sums you up. Garnet is your Birthstone.
You make the best leaders and are visionaries. You have some remarkable traits and have much to be proud of 🤍.