Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

You see that image above? Yep, the one with the beautifully clean office space that looks well organized. With a plant that lives and thrives in the background. The freshly painted nails and juuuust enough natural light pouring in through the window ... well, that's absolutely not us! Damn it, I wish it was though!

Our days usually begin around 8am. With a large cup of coffee in hand ☕and a REAL go-getting, positive attitude - Let's get to it !!
Damn it! I did it again ... that was a lie too! Usually, it takes a few hours to get to that "lets get sh#t done" point and let's just say another coffee or two 😜, quick gossip chat and a fresh muffin somewhere in there too.

My point is, its not easy running a business but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our customers, YOU are at the forefront of our minds. This is where most of our decissions are based when it comes to Stoned Hilda. As an e-commerce business and no bricks and mortar store, this comes with some limitations for our customers. So, we have to get it right! Making your online shopping experience super easy is our priority. 🛒

Your orders are shipped Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's and everyday at peak sales or holiday times. 📦🚚 So, on shipping days, our mornings are full-on with printing labels, cleaning and polishing your orders before we pack and ship them out and then emailing you your tracking details. What follows next is a crazy dash to the local Post Office, another quick gossip sesh with the AP staff (come on, admit it ... everyone loves a little harmless goss now and then right!). 🤭 Then, back to the office for a "quick bite" while we work 😆. 

(Did you know you can track your orders via our automated tracking
available in our Live Chat) 💬

Our team is constantly on the hunt 👀 for our next shipment of fabulous new arrivals. Our new arrivals come in, every two weeks so we will always have fabulous new jewels just for you.💍 So, keep checking our website for those new arrivals. 💻 We base a lot of our new arrival selections on what we feel is trending or from the amazing feedback from our customers 💗.  At Stoned Hilda we pride ourselves on having unique, hand selected pieces that are not mass produced 🥰 so you can feel you have a piece of jewellery as unique as you 🤍

Our afternoons are usually filled with marketing meetings and throwing around ideas on how we can best adapt to current trends and work these into our business structure to better customer experiences. We then answer yet more emails (because they have built up again by this time) hahaha

From 8am - 8pm everyday we have customer care ready for you on our Live Chat. We run a split shift so we can be there for our customers when they are most active online and don't overwork our team. We're here for you 🫶 and always happy to answer any questions so please, feel free to reach out to us.

So, that's pretty much it. A little glimps of the Stone Hilda HQ behind the scenes.
Hope you enjoyed the read x

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