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Clear Quartz Peridot Silver Pendant

Clear Quartz Peridot Silver Pendant

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Notice how flattering this round piece of Clear Quartz is! It is set in a very delicate sterling silver bezel setting and has a striking Periot gemstone as a topper which is also set the same way. I would wear this up high in the crevice of the neck to get maximum wow factor !! the Clear Quartz is 1.5cm in diameter.

Clear Quartz is known as the 'stone of power' and the 'master healer', it is able to amplify energy as well as the effects of other crystals and even clear stagnant energy. It is often also used to Cleanse other crystals. Furthermore it encourages clarity of thought. Clear Quartz has been used as a healing tool since the Ancient times. In Shamanic practices Clear Quartz is referred to as the “light-stone”, an instrument of clairvoyance. Clear Quartz was traditionally used by Australian Aborigines and the Prairie Indians of North America as a talisman for visionary work.

Peridot has been long considered to be an aid to friendship and supposedly frees the mind of envious thought. Furthermore, it is supposed to protect the wearer from the evil eye. Other legends say Peridot brings happiness and good cheer, attracting lovers, and strengthening the eyes. 

Stamped 925 Sterling Silver * 3 Grams

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