So, what is Bohemian Style Jewellery?

So, what is Bohemian Style Jewellery?

Its all the trend right now ... have you noticed?

The style "Bohemian" is associated with artists, writers and the creative types. It was originally a term given to Roma Gypsies, although the 60s and 70s played a large part in bringing this style to the surface...I guess this may be where I get my fascination with the Boho style, I'm a 70s kid !! 
Beautiful, natural and earthy. The freedom to express your own creativity! Bohemian or "Boho" style is rich in culture and goes right back to the early 19th century. The jewellery is generally a relaxed look with a real nature look often with the elements of the earth and universe.  Feathers, leaves, shells, gemstones, silver, brass, copper and charms are part of this bohemian hippie style jewellery look.

I love the natural look of Bohemian Style, you know, messy hair, bare feet, sun kissed skin, minimal or next to no make up. Chuck on a beach dress a feather in your hair and a few key pieces of Bohemian Gypsy Style Jewellery like a Chunky Turquoise Ring, Moonstone Pendant, Onyx Stacking Ring or a pair of Amethyst Earrings perhaps! Personally, I'm really drawn to the Statement Gemstone Rings we have. Big is better in my opinion ;)

Best thing about Bohemian Style or Gypsy Style Jewellery is that you can be as creative and over-the-top as you like or keep it simple ... its up to you and your natural creativity within.
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