Origins Of Mother's Day

Origins Of Mother's Day

It all began way back in ancient times, in Greece. Rhea (Mother Of Gods) was celebrated by all her followers as they offered her gifts of flowers, sweets and cakes.

Every year in March her loyal people would bring offerings to her temple in Rome. This day in March every year was called Festival of Hilaria.

Ann Reeves Jarvis was a Peace Activist in 1905, caring for wounded soldiers in The American Civil War. Ann founded Mother's Day Work Clubs to help with problems within Public Health. Then, in around 1908 her daughter "Anna" began a movement to have Mother’s Day a recognized holiday in the USA to keep her Mother's memory and legacy going.

Modern day and Mother's Day is celebrated generally Worldwide with most countries celebrating on the second Sunday of May. Gifts for Mum have widely changed and varied over the years from flowers and sweets to beautiful Mother's Day gifts of jewellery ... 

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